Add new forecast transactions

Access in Iziago: Cash forecasting > Transactions > Add new forecast transactions

Watch the video below to learn how to add forecast transactions.

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This screen allows you to add forecast transactions to your Iziago account. From this screen, you can also search unreconciled forecast transactions.

Prerequisite: to add new forecast transactions, you must add an account first. Learn how to add new accounts.

To add a new forecast transaction:

  1. Select a bank account.
  2. Select a transaction code and a budgetary code (depending on your setup in the Settings > Treasury codification > Matching rules menu, Iziago automatically selects the budgetary code corresponding to the selected transaction code)
    These codes will be used by the software for automatic reconciliation with your account statements.
  3. Select estimated booking and value dates:
    • Booking date: date on which the entry will be posted to the bank account
    • Value date: date on which the asset will become available (credit) or unavailable (debit). The value date is applied by your bank and depends on the type of transaction
      You can only select dates later than the initialisation date of the selected bank account.
  4. In the Amount drop-down list, select Credit for cash inflows or Debit for cash outflows. Then enter an amount
  5. Click the Save button

To save the transaction and split it into several transactions, click the Save and split button: Split forecast transactions.


Access in Iziago: Cash forecasting > Transactions > Forecast transactions

This screen allows you to search and display forecast transactions.

Display all your transactions

You don't need to enter any information in the form. Simply click the Search button.

Display specific transactions

  1. Fill out the search form:
    • Accounts: select accounts on which to carry out the search
    • Transaction code, Budgetary code: types of the transactions you are searching (list of transaction codes, list of budgetary codes)
    • Date type: Select one of the two options:
      • Booking date: date when the entry was posted to the bank account
      • Value date: date on which the asset becomes available (credit entry) or unavailable (debit entry)
    • Confirmation status: you might need to reconsider some transactions before confirming them. Here, select whether the transactions are confirmed or not
  2. Click the Display button

The results of the search are displayed in a table under the form. To modify a transaction, simply click it.