Adjust balances

Access in Iziago: Cash forecasting > Reconciliation > Adjust balances

Watch the video below to learn how to review your forecast transactions and to adjust balances.

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This menu allows you to adjust your forecast balances and your bank balances after reviewing your forecast transactions (see Review transactions). Adjusting your accounts on a regular basis is essential to maintain a balanced cash-flow situation, avoiding cash surplus and debts.

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    • Adjusting balances requires two specific rights:
      • The application management right Transactions

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      • The right by account Account statement

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    • To carry out the adjustment, please provide yourself with the required bank balances on booking and value date, or the account statement since the last adjustment

    Adjust your balances

    1. Select the accounts to adjust
      If you have just reviewed your forecast transactions on specific accounts, these accounts are automatically displayed in the Accounts field.
    2. Enter the date of adjustment
      All transactions to this date must be flagged as realised, or Iziago will not be able to generate any adjustment transactions.
    3. Click the Display button

    For each selected account, the table displays:

    • The calculated bank balances plus the forecasts, on booking date and value date
    • The calculated bank balances on booking date and value date

    You need to:

    1. Enter the accounts' balances provided by your bank in the Bank column
    2. Click outside the table so that it automatically refreshes and displays the difference between the calculated bank balances and your bank account

    The Regularisation column now displays the difference between the amounts of the bank balance and the calculated bank balances:

    • If the difference is null, your accounts are balanced, meaning that your adjustment is OK
    • If a difference remains, it means that transactions are missing. You need to cover this difference by either:
      • Adding new forecast transactions one by one (carried out manually)
      • Or creating an overall adjustment transaction (carried out automatically by Iziago)

    Add new forecast transactions

    From the Cash forecasting > Reconciliation > Adjust balances screen:

    1. Click the Review transactions button
    2. Click the New forecast button
    3. Add the required forecast transactions (Add new forecast transactions)
    4. In Cash forecasting > Reconciliation > Review transactions, flag as realised the forecast transactions you have just added
    5. Navigate back to the Adjust balances screen, where the accounts must now be balanced

    Create an overall adjustement transaction

    Note that all transactions prior to the date of your adjustement must be flagged as realised. If not, Iziago will not be able to generate any adujstment transactions. To see how, click the following link: Review transactions.

    From the Cash forecasting > Reconciliation > Adjust balances screen:

    1. Select the accounts for which to generate adjustment transactions
    2. Click the Generate adjustment transactions button
    3. In the pop-in window, click the Generate button to confirm the creation of the transactions

    These transactions are automatically flagged as realised, making the deviation null, and your reconciliation up-to-date.