Authentication and interface

Access in Iziago: Users and rights > MyData > Authentication and interface

This screen is divided into four sections:

  • Password, to change your password
  • Authentication card, to renew your authentication card
  • Secret questions, to set a secret question
  • Interface data, click on Edit to change:
    • The language of your profile
    • Your time zone
    • Your interface profile


This section displays:

  • The date on which you have set your current password
  • Your current password’s validity limit

Connecting to Iziago requires a password. For security purposes, please make sure it contains at least:

  • One upper case letter
  • One lower case letter
  • One digit
  • One special character
  • Eight characters

To change your password:

  1. Click on Change password
  2. Enter:
    1. Your current password
    2. Your new password
    3. Your new password again
  3. Click on Validate

Authentication card

This section displays:

  • The date on which you have changed your current authentication card
  • Your current authentication card’s identification number

    The authentication card is intended to ensure a high level of security by preventing unauthorised connections. For security reasons, Iziago does not fully display the identification number.

    To renew your authentication card:

    1. Click on Renew
    2. In the pop-in window, click on Renew to confirm
    3. At this point, the software:
      1. Sends your new authentication card to your email address
      2. Updates the authentication card in the database with the related validity dates

    Please keep this card safe. You will need it every time you want to access Iziago.

    Secret questions

    Iziago allows you to select a secret question and to set its answer. Should you encounter any issues with your password, authentication card or certificate, answering the secret question helps the software to easily identify you.


    To set a new secret question:

    1. Click on Modify
    2. In the drop-down list, select a secret question
    3. Enter your answer to the question
    4. Click on Validate

    Interface data

    This section displays the following fields:

    • Language: language to use in formal communication with you (in emails for instance)
    • Time zone: time zone in which to display time and date
    • Interface profile: profile applied to your interface. Profiles determine the display format of dates, hours and numbers
    • A preview of the selected interface profile

    Click to enlarge

      To change your interface data:

      1. At the top of the screen, click on Edit
      2. In the Interface data section, select a language, time zone and interface profile
      3. Click on Save

      How can I edit or add new interface profiles? Consult the Interface profiles page.