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The dashboard contains three widgets that automatically display charts of your cash balances on the current date:

  • By currency
  • By bank and by currency
  • By account owner and by currency

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This function requires the Display right on transactions:

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Display your balances on value date or booking date

You can either display your balances on value date or on booking date:

  1. Click the icon as shown below:
  2. Tick the box of your choice:
  3. Click the Save button

View charts in full screen

To view a chart in full screen, click the icon as shown below:


Expand or collapse widgets

You can expand or collapse widgets by clicking the white arrow:

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Export and print charts

You can print and export any chart by clicking the icon as shown below:

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Available export formats are the following:

  • PNG
  • JPEG
  • PDF
  • SVG