Display existing third parties and their accounts

Prerequisite: Refer to Rights. Learn how to set user rights.

Access in Iziago: Third-party database > Application > Third parties

The Third parties screen is made of a search panel at the top of the screen, and a result table. This table is displayed only if there exists at least one third party which corresponds to the search criteria; otherwise, the message “No matching result” is displayed.

  1. To display a third party, search by entering the appropriate fields in the search panel, then click on Display. A results table is displayed.
  2. To quickly find a third-party in the table, you can filter the table by changing the sorting order of a table column. To do so, click on the column header.
  3. To display all the information of a third party (general information, contact information, accounts, etc.), click on the third party in the table. The third-party datasheet is displayed. The third party’s accounts (if there are some) are displayed in a table at the bottom of the screen. To display an account datasheet, click on the account line in the table.