Display existing third parties and their accounts

Prerequisite: Refer to Rights. Learn how to set user rights.

Access in Iziago: Third-party database > Application > Third parties

The Third parties screen is made of a search panel at the top of the screen, and a result table which is displayed only if there exists at least one third party which corresponds to the search criteria; otherwise, the message “No matching result” is displayed.

By default, the result table displays all the existing third parties currently defined in the database and that you are allowed to display.

To find easily a particular third party in the result table, you can:

  • run a search by name through the bar in the upper right hand corner of the screen.
  • filter the table by entering the appropriate fields in the search panel.
    Note: if you have the appropriate rights, you may add any necessary third-party groups.
  • change the sorting order of a table column by clicking on the column header.

To display all the information of a third party (general information, contact information, accounts, etc.), click on the third party in the table. The third-party datasheet is displayed. The third party’s accounts (if there are some) are displayed in a table at the bottom of the screen. To display an account datasheet, click on the account line in the table (or on the appropriate button).
Tip: In the third-party datasheet, you can switch quickly from a third party to another one by using the Third party drop-down list or by clicking on the buttons.