Matching rules

Settings > Treasury codification > Matching rules

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This menu allows you to set rules to match transaction codes with budgetary codes, helping you create forecast transactions quicker (Cash forecasting > Transactions > Add new forecast transactions). By default, Iziago offers a list of rules that you can edit according to your company's organisation.

Create a matching rule

You can create as many rules as required:

  1. Click the New rule button
  2. In the Description field, enter the name of the rule
  3. Select the direction of the transaction: debit or credit
  4. Select a transaction code
  5. Select a budgetary code to match with the transaction code
  6. Click the Save button

Your rule is now created. When creating a forecast transaction, Iziago will automatically select the budgetary code that matches the selected transaction code.

Edit a matching rule

To edit an existing matching rule:

  1. In the Actions column, click the pen icon corresponding to the rule to modify
  2. Change the details of your choice
  3. Click the Save button

Delete a matching rule

You can delete as many rules as required, but note that this action is irreversible.

  1. In the Actions column, click the bin icon corresponding to the rule to delete
  2. In the pop-up message, click the Delete button