Module settings

Access in Iziago: Settings > General settings > Module settings

This page allows you to set default parameters on bank accounts and on the adjustment function of the Cash forecasting module.

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Accounts section

Use the first drop-down list to determine which label to display alongside the bank accounts when displaying an account. You can select the following values:

  • None
  • Account code
  • Counterparty name
  • Account owner

Use the second drop-down list to determine who has rights on newly created accounts (a user without rights on an account cannot create any forecast transactions using this specific account). You can select the following values:

  • All users
  • Only creator and administrators
  • Only creator
  • No users

Cash forecasting section

Use the drop-down lists to determine default budgetary and transaction codes to be applied when Iziago generates automatic adjustment transactions (Cash forecasting > Reconciliation > Adjust balances).