Variance by transaction code

Access in Iziago: Cash Forecasting > Decisions and reports > Balances and cash flow analysis

This screen allows you to generate reports of your accounts balances by transaction code, giving you detailed information to analyse your cash flows accurately.

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Fill out the search form

  1. Select one or several accounts. You can also select a group of accounts, if you have one:
    • Click the group of your choice, which automatically selects all its accounts. Note that you can unselect an account by clicking it if needed (this action doesn't remove the account from the group permanently). In the example below, the EXASOLAR SA group has been selected, and the HSBC_SARL_USD account has been removed from the selection:

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  2. In Period, select the period to display:
    1. From the drop-down list, select a unit of time in which to display the balances (day, week, month or quarter)
    2. In the from and to fields, select values corresponding to the unit of time you selected
  3. In Date type, select whether to display the amounts on value date or booking date
  4. In the Display mode drop-down list, select Variance by transaction code
  5. In the Currencies conversion section, if the selected accounts have different currencies, select the currency to use for conversion
    You can apply one unique rate value or the rate value at the end of each time unit selected in the Period field.
  6. Click the Display as tables button


The table in the screenshot below must be read as follows:

  • Friday 16th January 2015 displays a beginning balance of 308,564.60 €
  • On that day, there was 33,549.31 € of issued transfers, exclusively composed of operating expenses
  • The day displays an ending balance of 307,196.50 €
  • There was no inflows or outflows on Saturday 17th and Sunday 18th January 2015

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The Total column of the table displays the total amounts by transaction codes over the period you selected. If the table is too long, use the horizontal scrollbar under it to reach the column.

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Three icons are displayed in the top right corner of the table:

Icon Definition
Exports the report as a PDF file.
Exports the report as an XLS file.
Displays the report in full screen.

Click the Options button to modify the display of the table:

Option Definition
Codes linked to a group If ticked, transaction codes are displayed in each group of codes.
Distribution by budgetary code If ticked, budgetary codes are displayed within the transaction codes (can be set only if Codes linked to a group is ticked).
Reverse totals If ticked, totals by groups of codes are displayed after totals by codes (can be set only if Codes linked to a group is ticked).

Lines with zero amount

If ticked, the report displays lines for which there is no amount in the selected transaction codes.

Cash pooling transactions

If ticked, diplayed amounts include cash pooling transactions.

Allows you to modify the display of amounts:

  • Units: amounts fully displayed (example 102,554.29)
  • Thousands: amounts displayed in thousands (example 102.55 K)
  • Millions: amounts displayed in millions (example 0.10 M)